Welcome to HarpSounds

The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. It is an instrument steeped in tradition yet evolves gracefully over time. For many it has become more than an instrument, it has become a calling.

As a musical instrument, the harp blends in perfectly for background music at functions and special occasions creating a harmonious, natural feel.


The melodic tone of the harp is unobtrusive, yet its presence creates a relaxed and calm ambience that complements and provides an added dimension to the occasion. 

Helen will carefully tailor her musical selections to her clients’ needs to make each event an unforgettable one. On the bookings page there is a suggested format for harp music for weddings, functions and special occasions.

Helen is recognised not only as a skilled and gifted harpist, but also as a therapeutic harpist. She is a Certified Clinical Musician and as such provides therapeutic music for people in healthcare settings, nursing homes and in private homes. To learn more about therapeutic music, go to the Healing Music page.